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Real Estate Appraisal and Consultation


Text Box: 	The RLM Financial Group, Inc. was founded by Robert L. Moorman, MAI in May of 1993.  The company originally started offering financial planning services as well as real estate appraisals and consultation.  Eventually the focus was shifted to real estate appraisals, which is still the main focus of the company today.  

Robert L. Moorman ran the company as the owner, president, and only member of the board of directors until July 12, 2005 when he sold his shares to Michael A. Tolopka.

Michael A. Tolopka is now the owner / President of the company and serves as the only member of the board of directors.  The focus of the company today remains providing ethical and efficient real estate appraisal services and consultation.

Robert L. Moorman MAI--Founder 

State Certified General Real Estate Appraiser
TX Certification #:  TX-1321786-G
MAI - Member of the Appraisal Institute

Mr. Moorman is the founder of RLM Financial Group Inc.  He has over twenty years experience in the appraisal industry. As a state certified general real estate appraiser, he provides both residential and commercial real estate services.  Although Mr. Moorman is no longer in the fee appraisal business, he still maintains his certification and works as a commercial review appraiser for a large national lender.