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Real Estate Appraisal and Consultation

When to get an Appraisal

Text Box: When you are looking at a new home or property.  An appraisal will help determine whether the asking price is feasible and assist you in the offering process.

When you are considering listing your home for sale. An appraisal will help you determine an asking price for your property.

An appraisal can be a guide by assisting you in making sure your home is maintaining its value compared to today’s market.

An appraisal can assist you in determining the value, and provide evidence for you to dispute the value, assessed by the taxing authorities.

When securing a home equity loan, an accurate appraisal could get you a larger loan than you expected.

When involved in an estate, an appraisal  could help from the equal division of the property to determining a date of death value for inheritance tax purposes, and many other ways.

When under a lawsuit or IRS scrutiny.   The judge, tax workers, and government officials could order a home appraisal.